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A study on GRASS, gvSIG and QGIS communities based on indicators



When selecting an aplication, it’s very common to weight tecnological factors -what the aplication enable us to do?- and economic ones -how many money do we need?. And yet, there is a third factor to take into account, the social side of the project: the community of users and developers who support it and make it be alive.

Along this paper, we show a quantitative analysis of communities from 3 reference projects in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) arena: GRASS, gvSIG and QGIS. We selected those, as they are viewed as the more mature projects in desktop GIS, they are under OSGEO Foundation umbrella and show some differences on the actors who bootstrapped and manage today.

Particulary, with the public information available for the projects, we have managed to build following indicators:


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